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Yui the treasure hunter attempts to raid a buried pyramid only to be captured by its vengeful owner. Stripped and nearly mummified, can you find a way to avoid being caught while navigating through enemies, traps, puzzles - and your own fragile sanity? Only punishment awaits if you're captured, and too much of that would break the mind of anyone. Good luck!

This is a pre-alpha demo of Wrapturous Adventure. All assets and other aspects of game design may be subject to change with or without warning as development continues. Thank you for understanding. 

Check out the Game's Design Document

The pre-alpha build features:

  • A labyrinthine complex of rooms and halls for Yui to hop around and explore.
  • Enemies and obstacles! The Queen and her blindfolded slaves, along with pits of living slime and only rickety paths over.
  • Two simple puzzles that must be solved for Yui to escape.
  • Functioning dialogue and hint systems with NPCs.
  • 27 unique capture scenes and 27 unique punishment scenes, for a total of 54, to be randomly shown upon every game over.
  • An unlockable gallery that saves the capture and punishment scenes you've seen already, storing them for perpetuity.

The current development pathway includes:

  • Around three to five hours of content on the first playthrough.
  • A texture overhaul to replace all sprites with art hand-drawn by Tsinji, our art developer. 
  • More of everything: capture and punishment cutscenes, enemy characters, levels, game skins, outfits, NPCs - and even more than listed here.
  • Story overhaul with multiple endings and saved gamestates
  • Mac, Linux, and possible Android port.

For more updates, including regular news on continuing development, be sure to check out the official Discord.

Updated 13 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsAdult, Anime, bdsm, bondage, Erotic, Hentai, Lesbian, LGBT, NSFW, Yuri
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


WrapturousAdventure-PC-PreAlpha1.1.1.zip 305 MB
WrapturousAdventure-PC-PreAlpha1.1.zip 253 MB
WrapturousAdventure-PC-PreAlpha1.0.1.zip 250 MB

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huge problem my mouse cursor does not appear in game any advice? 

Not sure, you only need the mouse for the menus, but if it doesn't appear in the menus, not sure why that is happening. I am planing to update the game soon, so I'll look into it.

(1 edit)

Small problem: after the game over CG, my oculus rift software takes over thinking this is a VR game.

EDIT: fixed it by removing a plugin in the game's engine folder

Yeah, for some reason Unreal 4 has the VR Plugin applied by default and sometimes disabling it cause problems with packaging the game. However recently I think I have found a solution to the issue and hopefully fix it in the next game update.

Ahh i got you its was a prototype for this game. any chance seeing this on android

I am hoping to have this game playable on Android someday, sadly the current builds have been suffering multiple crashes on android. Hopefully when the game fully converts to 2D it will have no issue running on android.


wtf )

Oh so like this is just the updated version of Tomb Escape?

Tomb Escape was basically a proof of concept. while this is kind of a new demo and hopefully the start of a much bigger game (check the design document)

Lots of new stuff and improvements compared to the prototype, really nice work so far. Difficulty is increased which is good, there's more puzzle variety... looking forward to covering future builds. :) 


Thanks, I posted a Design Document if you want to see planned for the main game.

Looks good hope you make it for Android when you get enough support

This is beyond amazing! Thank you so much for giving us this!

Thanks, hopefully it grows in support so I can continue to develop the game.

Dunno why the protagonist would wanna escape; part of me thinks the queen just wants to have some company.