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[Adult Only / NSFW / 18+ Content]

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This Alpha Demo is made to test, examine and fix the full game's mechanics and systems. Level layouts and story in the demo do not represent what will be in the full game. The full game is currently in development, and a new demo that better represents the full game's contents is in the works.

If you like what you've played and want to see the full game's completion, consider supporting the game's Patreon/SubscribeStar. In addition to regular updates on the game's progress, subscribers also get access to exclusive polls on concept artwork that may appear in the final game, private demo builds, and more.

In the hopes of claiming great riches, tomb raider Yui delves into the long-lost tomb of an unknown pharaoh. What she didn't expect was that those who dwelled in the tomb are still alive, with a crazed thirst for pleasure. Finding herself captured, stripped of her gear, and mummified, Yui must now hop her way through a bizarre tomb of BDSM fantasies, traps, and guards in the hopes of escaping - and avoiding whatever ominous plans the Pharaoh and her servants have planned for her.

Wrapturous Adventure is an adventure game where you need to escape while being completely tied up. Gameplay is strongly built around the limitations and awkwardness that help capture the feeling of the player character being completely bound and helpless, which many BSDM-themed games tend to lack. It also features hand-drawn art and frame-by-frame animated sprites to help bring beauty and life to this kinky adventure.

Features planned for the full game:

  • Play the game uncensored or censored. For those who don't like sexual content or streamers and content creators who want to show off the game, the game has a Censored Mode with edited sprites and animations for characters.
  • Unlockable bondage costumes. If mummification bondage isn't quite your thing, or if you just want to change up the specifics of Yui's unfortunate predicament, there are four unlockable bondage types to use. Combined with the default mummification, this makes for five bondage types available.

  • Five chambers, five sexy rulers. Adventure through vast chambers filled with story and lore, but also filled with the Pharaoh's most loyal servants that lurk in the halls in their search for pleasure and fun. Each one is a different type of monster girl, making for a varied cast where you'll be sure to find your favorite.
  • Six different endings to witness. Based on how thoroughly you explore the tomb and how often you let yourself get caught, the ending you get at the end of your adventure can change dramatically.
  • See countless BDSM fantasies come to life. From the many colorful characters that dwell in the tomb to the dozens of traps to avoid, the different wild punishments Yui will face should she be caught and even just the environment around you, Wrapturous Adventure has a varied offering of BDSM fantasies to enjoy as you adventure through the tomb.
Updated 3 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(119 total ratings)
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsAdult, Anime, bdsm, Eroge, Erotic, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Hentai, LGBT, NSFW
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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There's a bug where Mao randomly freezes, usually after pausing the game or going in the room with her. She "unfreezes" after a couple of seconds

yeah the A.I. system I'm experimenting with is a little spotty. I am gonna be looking into that for the next update.

when i try to open the app it says i need to find  a version that runs on my pc and it says to check with the publisher

Never heard of that message, only guess is that if your PC have trouble running Unreal Engine 4 games, then that could be the issue.

cool game but wish the scenes were longer


the is plans that the scenes will be a bit longer in the full game, just depends on the games support and funding.

Are you going to release a 32-bit or android version? Because I wanted to play this game that looks very good and I can't.

Sadly current versions of Unreal 4 that the game is built on no longer support Windows 32-bit and while I attempted to port the game to Android sometime back, besides the graphics looking awful, the game kept crashing. I might try Android again, but I make no promises.

Do not worry, I understand that it is not an easy task. I have used other engines such as Unity and it is relatively easier to get it for other SO.

I have no plans in trying to move all my coding into Unity.

Anyone else had a problem with SELMA detecting you when you are out of sight?


more than one gameover screen based on how you lost would be epic


my only problem is that the animation for taking and leaving the beetle is really long. Maybe for the first time works but after that a faster one would be better

maybe it's just me, but the resolution options seems completely stuck at 1280x720. is this normal?

(1 edit)

That is strange, 720p is the lowest, but it can reach up to 4K. Not sure why you be stuck at 720p

This game is really fun. I actually went out of my way to get caught by all the hazards deliberately to see what would happen. The puzzles are really intuitive and make you think before you act and the character designs are really cool. I'm really looking forward to the full release.

Happy to hear you enjoyed the Alpha-Demo

 I love this game very much, thank you.

Your welcome, glad you like it

Android port?

I have tried to make an Android version of the game, but besides the game looking awful on Android, the game went through constant crashes. I hope to port the game to other platforms such as Android in the future but can't say when or even if it's possible for Android.

(2 edits) (+1)

Love the game so far. I think that it would be cool if when you get a game over Yui could transform into something like Tiahna's lackeys. Also, can't wait to see this game fully complete.


Love this game but would like to see some traps that maybe hold you in place to get caught or stimulate the escapee

You have an exceptional game here.  I loved the original demo and I have been watching your game to see how it progresses.  I believe you should make it what you want it to be.  Ultimately, its about two kinds of fun: kinky and entertaining.

Linear is great, open roam is great.  Keep the story interesting and the controls simple.  Add in rewards and consequences.

Personally, I liked the multiple consequences you could have before losing the game and the scenes you get respectively.  I liked the challenge of the puzzles: mostly simple enough without outside help, but challenging enough to keep trying after failing...just to see what you get if you win.

Keep working it, don't overwork yourself, and don't think that you have to keep something because it's popular: it's your game.

Thank you

Public opinion might not be worth as much, but all feedback helps!

Firstly, thank you for the controller support.

Secondly, from the looks of our daring escape artist, I think she should be capable of holding at least 2 keys at once, if not three.

Finally, a gallery depicting all the art/bios that's been naturally encountered would be nice to have. Gives more incentive for replays. ;)

Appreciate the feedback, there is gonna be a Gallery in the full game, it's unsure if it will be available in the Demo.

i'm not able to get it to run... it keeps asking me to download c++ runtime that i already have

My only guess is that the c++ runtime you have is outdated or not the version that Unreal 4 needs to run on your PC. And you need to update/download and install the proper version.

well, that doesn't really work either. even when i have everything, it still returns the same exact error.

at one point, it said 2 specific dll files were missing. after that, i kept getting the runtime error.

You might need to do a google search on this cause missing DLL Files is a Windows problem.

are you ever going to make it free? like when you start a new projec


are you planning on putting a gallery so you can see all the juicy scenes quickly?


In the full game, Yes

Love your game! I'll have one full version please :D
some little little little sex/game over animation would be the icing on the cake! <3 

It's on our radar to put some animation in the Punishment/Game Over screens, but that really depends if the game's funding from supporters grows.


Sex Scenes not animated?!


At this time no, if funding from supporters grows, we'll be looking to animate the sex scenes in the game.

okay maybe I'm just an idiot but I am absolutely stumped on what to do for stage 2. I can see that I'm supposed to put a crate onto the floor tile to open the door, but there is no way that I can see to do this. I can only hit the crates in one direction, and they fly entirely across the room. You can't grab them or anything, so once I hit them once they are forever stuck on that plane. (i.e., if I hit the crate down, I can never move it back up, if I hit it to the right, it moves all the way to the right and there's no moving it back left.)

so, what do I do?


it never fails that I finally figure out what to do IMMEDIATELY after I finally post about it...didn't realize I could walk on the grass tiles...smh

(1 edit)

So... Uhhh... Fist impression: 0.1.3 does not look as sharp on a 2160p screen as 0.1.2, despite it not having any options beyond 1080 either... And I don't mean the new assets, but something in the resolution.


Probably cause at least for now I made the resolution lock to 1080p cause I had reports of people with 1080p-only monitors having issues if they accidentally had the game set to 2160p. I plan to bring those resolution options back in once I find a solution.

Good to know. The issue is thankfully relatively minor this way. Maybe implement one of those "click ok in 10 seconds or settings will revert" mechanisms to video settings?


Not a bad idea, I'll keep that in mind as a possibility

loved this demo, cant wait for more praise to the creator!

where is the green bug in the set of rooms with the wolfgirl and moving boxes?


You need to solve the moving boxes room puzzle to open a door that leads to the Scarab

k, thanks

What is the version with less bugs?


really both current versions are pretty much the same

I see you have come far.

Tried 1.3
In stage 2 when you put the box (the first chamber you can move them) in the floor button, it doesn't activate.

Strange I just played that section just to see and I don't encounter this issue of the button not activating. Might be an odd bug, but I'll defiantly look into it cause I also had a report once that the button stayed activated despite nothing on the button. So might need to look into the system and see what needs to be done.

If you are still stuck try restarting by going to the main menu.
Then play until the point you got stuck in.

Instead of using the crate you used last time to solve the puzzle you can use the other crate. Using the left one for me the righthand side crate pushed on top of the plate opened the door. The left one did not.

If that does not work then try setting your video settings to windowed and try it again starting from the menu.

I did both those things and it worked so either one of them could be the culprit for the unintended behavior.

Hope it helps

Where do I find the Red Bug ?

(1 edit)

Room left to the room with the Slave-Girl, you communicate with.  Though the alpha demo is gonna be updated soon it will feature a new level layout.

I'd pay for something like this if there were lots of nipple play, especially with the breasts of the characters exposed like that.

i have a little problem. I chose a resolution too high and I can't undo it because the cursor can't reach it, is there any other way to fix it?

There should be a save data file on your PC that saves the game settings, deleted the file should reset things, you can find the file here: 

thank you, i found it, and now it works normally

I understand, thank you very much! and I will wait

Hi, can you try to make an Android version?? I wanted to play but I don't have a PC.!馃槩


I have tried to make an Android version of the game, but besides the game looking awful on Android, the game went through constant crashes. I hope to port the game to other platforms such as Android in the future, but can't say when.

Fantastic game!

Although it's just a simple try, I guarantee that the finished product will be a great game. I wish you every success.

What's the projected release date if any? '23? '24?

I don't have a set date, I hope soon but I don't want to rush things.

does the game have a save system so that i can experience everything?

The demo has no save system, but the full game will have one.

"dx11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine"


Sorry for the late reply. currently, it's only for Windows PC.

Where are you supposed to find the red scarab for the level with the 2 scarabs?

In the room with the Slave-Girl, there is a door on the left, you need a certain Scarab to unlock that door.

I just got the game and although I am loving how it plays, I can't get right over the puzzle with the azure scarab. Seems like i can't interact with anything more and when the gate closes I am stuck. Any at least a hint of how should I continue? 

Swap It

With what tho? I can't grab anything else.

With another Scarab. They aren't locked into place, so you can grab one that is used to unlock a room that you have no reason to back to. 

Yeah I have to find out how to do that since I have to use one to get into the room with the boxes and thats the only one I have available. I'll try some options. Maybe I am just not seeing something obvious. 

Really explore and note that maybe somethings you can't solve until you take care of other things first.

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