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[Adult Only / NSFW / 18+ Content]

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This game is in active development. The demo is intended to show off mechanics and gameplay that will be present in the final game and may not fully reflect the final product.

If you like the demo and want to take part in the game's development, consider supporting the game on Patreon. Doing so will grant you access to suggest/vote for concept artwork that might appear in the finished game, play private builds of the game, and more.

Most games that contain BDSM or advertise as a BDSM game often have it as a small element or purely aesthetic, never fully trying to build around the limitations of someone that is in bondage. The main goal of Wrapturous Adventure is to create a bondage game where BDSM is the whole focus - Not just the visuals, but also gameplay. In Wrapturous Adventures, you play as the captured treasure hunter Yui who has been mummified by the immortal Pharaoh as punishment for raiding her tomb. To escape, Yui will have to engage in grid-based puzzle-solving and trap evasion while sneaking past the Pharaoh and her loyal servants, all of whom want to capture and punish her.

The full game plans to also include features such as:

  • Experience a story full of character, comedy, hidden lore, and hot sexy action with multiple endings.
  • Meet the immortal Pharaoh and her five loyal minions, each with their own lore, personalities, and creative ways to punish Yui.
  • Tons of capture/punishment artwork featuring Yui in different forms of bondage with different characters. Some punishments will even have interactivity.
  • From bondage to human-animal hybrids, humiliation to pet play, living slime, plant vines, sand traps, and spider webs - Any BDSM fetish you might have, you're bound to find it in Wrapturous Adventure.
  • Collectibles and unlockable like alternate bondage themes that Yui can be bound in during her adventure through the tomb, so if mummification isn't your thing you have alternatives.

    Wrapturous Adventure's development team currently consists of two core members, with assistance brought in for the demo alongside voice actresses.

    • Mr. Wrapture - Lead Creator, Designer, & Programmer.
    • Tsinji - 2D Artist/Animator.
    • Amy Lynch - Assistant Writer (For the Demo).
    • Pixie Willow - Voice Actress (For the Demo).
    • MissMoonified - Voice Actress (For the Demo).
    Updated 7 hours ago
    StatusIn development
    Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Made withUnreal Engine
    TagsAdult, Anime, bdsm, Eroge, Erotic, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Hentai, LGBT, NSFW
    Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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    I'd pay for something like this if there were lots of nipple play, especially with the breasts of the characters exposed like that.

    i have a little problem. I chose a resolution too high and I can't undo it because the cursor can't reach it, is there any other way to fix it?

    There should be a save data file on your PC that saves the game settings, deleted the file should reset things, you can find the file here: 

    thank you, i found it, and now it works normally

    I understand, thank you very much! and I will wait

    Hi, can you try to make an Android version?? I wanted to play but I don't have a PC.!😢

    I have tried to make an Android version of the game, but besides the game looking awful on Android, the game went through constant crashes. I hope to port the game to other platforms such as Android in the future, but can't say when.

    Fantastic game!

    Although it's just a simple try, I guarantee that the finished product will be a great game. I wish you every success.

    What's the projected release date if any? '23? '24?

    I don't have a set date, I hope soon but I don't want to rush things.

    does the game have a save system so that i can experience everything?

    The demo has no save system, but the full game will have one.

    "dx11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine"


    Sorry for the late reply. currently, it's only for Windows PC.

    Where are you supposed to find the red scarab for the level with the 2 scarabs?

    In the room with the Slave-Girl, there is a door on the left, you need a certain Scarab to unlock that door.

    I just got the game and although I am loving how it plays, I can't get right over the puzzle with the azure scarab. Seems like i can't interact with anything more and when the gate closes I am stuck. Any at least a hint of how should I continue? 

    Swap It

    With what tho? I can't grab anything else.

    With another Scarab. They aren't locked into place, so you can grab one that is used to unlock a room that you have no reason to back to. 

    Yeah I have to find out how to do that since I have to use one to get into the room with the boxes and thats the only one I have available. I'll try some options. Maybe I am just not seeing something obvious. 

    Really explore and note that maybe somethings you can't solve until you take care of other things first.

    What a cute and sexy game! We did a small review on the game and have to say it feels unique and fresh!

    Great game! Will the protagonist be in different types of bondage (instead of the mummification) (maybe shibari like the other bound girls) later in the game?

    Would be great. (and also logical for the plot btw.)

    Anyway, this game keeps getting better and better. Seems like a real masterpiece in the works.

    (3 edits)

    There are plans to have unlockable Bondage Type outfits that players could play during their next playthrough. However, this really depends on whether I get enough supporters (on my subscription websites) so I have the funds that I need to implement them.

    Also... "and also logical for the plot btw." Sorry but you're incorrect on that, the game's full plot actually makes it more logical that she is mummified throughout the entire game.

    Oh but will mention that the Punishments are gonna have more variety in how Yui is bound up by the bandages, so you won't see her mummified in every punishment and there is some lore as to why that is.

    I don't mean to intrude. But I found it logical because I would have thought Yui would 'evolve' steadily into another of those 'slave girls'.


    And of course I like the look of shibari much more, lol.

    Nice game

    Really love the concept and the feel of this one! I am a bit stuck on how to deal with the catgirl servants, the one after the bridge always catches me, and since we're on the same plain, I can't hide from her the way I would from the Queen. Keep up the good work, tho! This is great so far

    There is a way to start a new game?

    Just click on the Level name (Tutorial/Showcase) and you'll start at the beginning.

    not sure what I need to fix, it worked fine once but after closing it and trying to open it the next day it just gave me this message

    Couldn't start:

    "C:\Users\(my name)\WrapAdven_AplhaDemo\Binaries\Win64\WrapAdven_AlphaDemo-Win64-Shipping.exe" WrapAdven_AlphaDemo

    CreateProcess() returned 2.

    no clue what any of it means


    never mind deleteing all of the files and reinstalling it seems to have worked

    I've been following this game for a while now, and it's made good strides, but I have to say that the tentacle QTE is... well, basically impossible. It's hard enough to get two right in that short time frame, and more than three are apparently required? Until that's changed, the game is impossible right now, or next to it.

    I message people on my discord about this issue, and all mention that they found the QTE to be pretty easy. Wondering if the issue is a lag with your PC or something.

    Definitely not that, this is better than a lot of pcs out there. Damn shame, I was enjoying this game.

    (1 edit) (+1)

    Recently had someone mention that the QTE might be tied to the Framerate so if you have the framerate set to Unlimited then that might be why the QTE might seem impossible.


    Despite its subject matter, this is a bizarrely cute game?? I'm looking forward to the finished product!

    Just finished the showcase. Took a bit to click exactly how the navigation worked, but I liked that. No hand-holding! The girls gave just the right amount of information, and I worked from there. I hope you keep this level of challenge and discovery. :D

    Only problem I had, a technical one, is I have an ultra-wide monitor, and when I played full screen, the game was zoomed in to fit the width of the screen, instead of the height. This meant I couldn't see the top or bottom of the levels (and it took me too long to figure that out, possibly because I'm a slow dumb dumb). Switching to windowed fixed the issue, but figured I'd let you know!


    I am so excited for the final game. i have played and beat all of the demos. Pre-Alpha 0.0.1 took a little under 2 hours to beat. The  mechanics are amazing. Finally a bdsm themed game worth playing. Please keep up the amazing work.

    Also, I enjoyed the endless lives as opposed to the last demo of only 3 lives. Will the final game also be endless?

    (2 edits)

    I downloaded the most recent version, decided  to set it to fullscreen and set the resolution to highest possible. Now clicking no longer works, even when I removed it and then unzipped again. It somehow remembers the fullscreen and resolution setting even when I removed the exported files and the zip file and then redownloaded it. I am unable to play the game as it's literally impossible to get past the aknowledge thing now. Even when I restart my pc, it still remembers that game breaking setting. Please help me, I really want to play your game.


    Yeah, this is due to how Unreal 4 saves data, it creates a special folder on your PC that is separate from the game's actual folder, so if you don't delete the actual save data folder the game will always load that data.

    You can find the save data file here. 

    Thanks a bunch! ^^ I deleted the preference file in the SaveGames and the game is reset to original settings. 

    i mean to be honest i would continue playing this game but its so laggy on my pc, sorry!! and i only struggled for like 5 mins of the beginning of the tutorial. i also am pretty sure my graphics are low but it never worked and still was laggy. i didndt even finish the tutorial but im sure it would still seem like a good game without lag! it was prob just me and or my pc and that nobody else had the same problem, but its fine thank you for the game anyway. 


    Any plans on a Mobil download? I am a big fan of the game but can't get it


    Am hoping to port the game to mobile but it's hard to say at this time.

    I'm a bit stuck, how am I supposed to get past the sand trap? I sink all the way down before I can even reach the first safe section.

    You need to tap the up button until Yui is out of the sand move forward and repeat til your out of the sand.

    so tap the button above her with my mouse?

    No, tap [W] or whatever you have mapped as the Up/Interact button.

    ohh okay, thanks!

    Im kinda stuck where arrows are pointing in different directions. I fiddled around, but that black square in the middle hasn't changed. Did I miss something?

    the girls in the previous room, give you a clue.

    Thank you!

    Sì può giocare su Windows 10

    huge problem my mouse cursor does not appear in game any advice? 

    Not sure, you only need the mouse for the menus, but if it doesn't appear in the menus, not sure why that is happening. I am planing to update the game soon, so I'll look into it.

    (1 edit)

    Small problem: after the game over CG, my oculus rift software takes over thinking this is a VR game.

    EDIT: fixed it by removing a plugin in the game's engine folder

    Yeah, for some reason Unreal 4 has the VR Plugin applied by default and sometimes disabling it cause problems with packaging the game. However recently I think I have found a solution to the issue and hopefully fix it in the next game update.

    Ahh i got you its was a prototype for this game. any chance seeing this on android

    I am hoping to have this game playable on Android someday, sadly the current builds have been suffering multiple crashes on android. Hopefully when the game fully converts to 2D it will have no issue running on android.


    wtf )

    Oh so like this is just the updated version of Tomb Escape?

    Tomb Escape was basically a proof of concept. while this is kind of a new demo and hopefully the start of a much bigger game (check the design document)

    Lots of new stuff and improvements compared to the prototype, really nice work so far. Difficulty is increased which is good, there's more puzzle variety... looking forward to covering future builds. :) 


    Thanks, I posted a Design Document if you want to see planned for the main game.

    Looks good hope you make it for Android when you get enough support

    This is beyond amazing! Thank you so much for giving us this!

    Thanks, hopefully it grows in support so I can continue to develop the game.

    Dunno why the protagonist would wanna escape; part of me thinks the queen just wants to have some company.