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[Adults Only / NSFW 18+]

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Games Synopsis

A female Treasure Hunter named Yui who attempts to raid a buried Egyptian Pyramid only to get captured by the female Pharaoh that haunts the place. The Pharaoh strips and mummifies the tomb raider and she plans to turn her into her new loyal servant/plaything.  Escape the tomb and try to avoid being seen by the Pharaoh. If she sees the raider, she'll capture her and give her a punishment. if the raider gets captured 3 Times her mind will break and become the Pharaoh's loyal plaything (Game Over).

What Features I hope to put in the Main Game
The game is still in very early development and some things are accepted to change, but many planned features as of now are.

  • Fully hand-drawn Art and Animation by Tsinji
  • Hundreds of different Captured/Punishment visual-novel like cutscenes whenever Yui gets caught by the Tombs Queen and her female Nobles.
  • Up to 5-7 Enemy Characters, each having their own characteristics and personalities, along with their own ways to capture and punish Yui.
  • Up to 5 Levels containing different themes and looks from one another.
  • NPC characters that Yui can try and communicate with.
  • Unlockable skins (different bondage types) for Yui.
  • Dozens of Puzzles and Traps that Yui must solve/avoid.
  • Multiple Endings and New Game

Check out the "Walking" Cycle animation on DeviantArt -or- Pixiv


TombEscape_Prototype-v1.6(PC).zip 176 MB
TombEscape_Prototype-v1.6(PC 32bit).zip 154 MB
TombEscape_Prototype-v1.5(Android).zip 187 MB

Development log


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I was hoping that a update would have been realeased any news??

Wrapturous Adventure is the game that is been updating and such. Tomb Escape was just a prototype. 

Any news on update

Currently busy with other work for this month, but I have my friend work on some concept art of the characters that are planned in the Wrapturous Adventure game, and hopefully around October I'll be able to get back to work on the game.

awesome glad to hear it i love the concept for this game

Pretty fun, I look forward to the full version

(1 edit)

Now why would Yui want to get out of there? The pharaoh clearly just wants to have fun with her, maybe even watch some Netflix or something.

что то необычное

This is a cute concept, that pharaoh is such a stalker. I hope she's not going to send scarabs after us. :)


Thanks for the Let's Play. Also got some plans for an update on the Prototype and such.

Any chance of getting a gallery in game?


It is planned in the Main Game

I cant install the android version, and unfortunately i dont have any pc or laptop to try the pc version

Sorry to hear that, not sure when I will post an update to the game, but I'll try and look into seeing if I can update the android game (hopefully have less problems installing)

I found out the problem, maybe the file from this website is have a bit error, so i go to your patreon page and found another link to mega, that one works perfectly, the downloaded size is different too, maybe theres some error when uploading in itch

Sorry if theres a lot of error in my english

Thanks for letting me know, I will look into that issue